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About Livid

Livid is a newly created guild on Turalyon. We are now recruiting to build a solid core team for Cutting Edge progression in Battle for Azeroth(official goal is BfA although i wouldn’t say no to any CE still achievable in Legion if the team is up and running early enough).

We will be recruiting with Cutting Edge raiding in mind. Even though we currently are in need of players, recruitment will not botched for the sake of having a big roster. Performances, skill and past raiding experience will all heavily influence recruitment.

Our leadership has a long and successful Cutting edge raiding history starting when Cutting Edge was first introduced during MoP. We are extremely confident in our abilities to achieve CE once we gather a team of like minded players.

This covers the more serious aspect of the guild. Now onto the social goals of Livid.
We want Livid to be more than a nametag and more than just a “static raid group”. We want to be that home that everybody is always looking for. We want our members to log on and play/raid together because they want to rather than being “forced” to. This is why most decisions that the guild will have to take(Officer/Role leads nominations and Applications) will involve the guild as a whole instead. Everyone wants and should have a say in who they might play with.