Application Process

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Application Process

Post by Milky » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:13 pm

In Livid, we want the application process to be more than just a YES/NO decision from the officers. The process involves the whole guild and we, as a guild, will vote on who we want to
see join us.

Here are the general steps of an application

1- Initial feedback – Once an application is posted, the guild will review it, point out the good, the bad and express whether they would like to proceed to an interview or not. This step takes approximately a day. (This step might be the most important. Your application is our first impression of you and WILL determine whether we want to hear more from you or simply decline the application)

2- Interview - If most the guild want an interview; an officer will reach out to the applicant and schedule a Discord meeting.

3- Trial - After the interview, guild members will express their opinions and decide if we want to move forward with a Trial or not. A trial will last 1-2 raid lock-out.

4- Vote - A poll with a 1 day duration will be attached to the application. Everyone will have the opportunity to vote “Yes” or “No” on inviting the applicant to Livid. Guild Members do not have to vote but are encouraged to do so as we all want a say in who
we want to spend our time with. Livid officers may step in to make a final decision if the vote is close.

When voting, remember that gear is easy to obtain; skilled players that are good at the class they play aren’t.